Rapa Nui
Armando Girolami aka Rapa Nui was born in Fiuggi (Italy) in 1990.He graduated in Sonic Arts at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and started various musical projects using different pseudonyms (Amp, Karmacoma, Rapa Nui), performing at known clubs of the capital and sharing the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Dadub and Robert Lippok.On September 5, 2014 he performed at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica of Rome with an electro-acoustic/jazz project in collaboration with pianist Andrea Saffirio. The following year he undertook a new electro-acoustic project with pianist Simone Colasante, with whom he performed in Sulmona on the occasion of “Muntagninjazz Festival”.His music ranges continuously between techno-ambient, IDM and industrial music. Rapa Nui is an evolving project, which rejects the static nature of a style as distinctive element, in favor of the free expression of personality, ignoring the limits set by the music industry, seeking a transparent fusion between what is considered music and what is considered sound design.