Franz Rosati
Franz Rosati is a musician and digital artist. He uses digital technologies and custom-made toolset of software as the foundation for his artistic production, spanning from concerts, audio-visual live sets, installations, software art and printed artworks. His two-faced aesthetic takes the form of deeply emotional music, rich of tensive crescendos and anvil sounding heavy beats, across rhythmic noise and cinematic sound design present in works like Ruins or NULLTELÉKHEIA. On the other side Machine and Structure, Fields of Immanence or Symbolic are characterized by aseptic, sharp, flipped out digital sounds produced by unorthodox synthesis techniques alongside procedural/generative point-clouds or signal driven lasers. His visual output is designed with programming languages and environments as well as Videogame Engines, often arranged in a back and forth workflow. During the last ten years Franz Rosati has also composed music for theatrical pieces and visual arts, made interactive software art while teaching interactive systems, new media arts and sound design IED Istituto Europeo di Design as well as several universities, conservatories and music academies.