Eklero Cable Holder

The Eklero Cable Holder is designed to meet the needs of electronic musicians who use complex modular systems and other equipment that require patch cables.

The particular shape allows to store more than 300 3,5mm cables of different types: Eurorack – Stackable (Tiptop Audio) – Banana (Pomona style) – Tini Jack (Buchla) – Bantam – etc.

The Eklero Cable Holder is designed to be placed directly on a microphone stand using the most common 3/8″ connection (stand and adapter not included).

The central hole is not threaded, the cable holder is simply placed and tightened with the adapter (see photo) or with any tightening nut. If you have a stand with the 5/8″ end, you can still install it using the 5/8″ to 3/8″ adapter, which is easy to find. The patented design was made with high-precision laser cutting and durable stainless and painted material.
It has a diameter of 28cm and a thickness of 2.5mm which ensures excellent rigidity to the cable holder. The width of the slots is 5mm.
The relief on the outside of the circumference helps prevent cables from slipping if the entire stand is moved.