Davide Ricci
Davide Ricci is a musician, sound engineer and teacher of analog synthesis. He based in Rome and deals with international distribution of modular synthesizers and professional audio gears.He has carried out his Audio Recording and Mixing degree in the APM Sound Engineering in Saluzzo (TO). During the studies he has develop passion for musical experimentation.After a few years the Balance project came to light when he moved to Rome and met Luciano Lamanna, artist and music producer. Balance is a improvisation on analogue synthesizers instruments and modular system which could be performed live or in studio. They release the first LP “3” in 2016 and they keep on work together to create albums, singles and live sets in various location in Italy.In 2019 Davide Ricci works for his Hard-Techno project and debuts in the roman label Scuderia Records with the track ”Fame”. His songs features fast beats, distortion drums and several hard synths.He also starts to collaborate with Eklero label for a new Dark Ambient project, a combination of obscure atmospheres and tribal beats.